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Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is a form of tattooing in which pigment is implanted into the upper layer of the skin and can be applied using a variety of tattoo methods, including a traditional tattoo or coil machine, rotary or pen machine, and by hand. Although permanent cosmetics can fade over time and require periodic touch-ups, they are considered permanent because the color cannot be washed off.



How long does it last?

For Microblading or Ombre Powder Brows, you can expect the results to last at-least a year. It's possible the results may last up to 3 years! It can vary so much depending on your specific body and how it reacts to the pigment.


Does it hurt?

At Serendipity we take great care to ensure you have a virtually painless experience! We use two different numbing techniques, one before the skin is broken, and one after. Do you have any tattoos? Don't worry, this is way easier! If not, imagine a sunburn... a little annoying, but not painful!


Why are there two sessions?

Every human body heals in its own way. We would rather start the first session lighter and softer, then gradually go darker at your second session and make minor changes there, than attempt to go lighter and "undo" what's already semi-permanent!


IS there a lot of "down time" after the procedure?

Each client is perfectly able to have a normal day once they leave the office. We only ask that you avoid excessive sweating, getting the area wet, or exposure to sunlight for a minimum of 48 hours after the procedure. The end result is 50% dependent upon how carefully you follow your provided aftercare instructions.


What do the tools look like?

The "microblade" is a tiny scalpel looking blade that is actually made of a row of microscopic needles. Thats how you get tiny hairlike strokes! The second tool is the PMU machine, which is very similar to a tattoo machine however since we are working with a much shallower layer of skin, it does not need to be nearly as large or powerful.


Do I get to have any say in what it looks like?

Of course!! Serendipity considers every procedure to be a co-creative experience. Meaning you get to be a part of and approve every step of the way before a needle ever touches your skin!


Can I add on services when I get there?

During your service, we absolutely offer additional services. You could receive teeth whitening, some toxin, or even a lash lift! If you're looking to get multiple add-ons, we recommend you to please call and add additional service time to your appointment prior to scheduling.


I've seen too many botched procedures; how do I know mine won't look like that?

Two Reasons! One, because your initial session will be lighter and softer than the predesigned final result, you can ensure by your second session you will leave in love with your new look! And two, you are a part of the entire process. You will love your look we have designed before the procedure ever starts!


Who isn't a good candidate for PMU services?

There is almost always something we can work out to get you the look you desire, however we ask that clients currently undergoing chemotherapy please release a letter of approval to your technician. Furthermore if you are pregnant and/ or breastfeeding, please wait until you are no longer before booking an appointment.


Are you on Social Media?

Yes! Follow us @serendipity_medispa on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for great before and afters!

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