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Regularly scheduled facials play a critical role in your total skin health and self care regimen. Proactively addressing the various needs that your skin has throughout different seasons and throughout your life. Performed by highly skilled cosmeceutical skin care specialists, facials exfoliate dead skin cells, promote skin cell turnover and regrowth, extract clogged pores, improve the general tone and condition of your skin, and enable us to identify aesthetic or medical issues that may require treatment at an early stage.

Additionally, Serendipity has state of the art technologies and latest techniques to add onto your service quality to produce reliable and significant results. Just like eating well and exercising regularly, facials offer both immediate and long-lasting benefits.

Facials for anti-aging


Reduce fine lines, sun spots, and other visible signs of aging all while adding moisture and nutrients to the skin with our blend of cosmeceutical grade ingredients and added collagen stimulation.

Facials for purification


Treat acne, inflammation, scarring, pH imbalance and more with our purify facial and bring life and health back to your skin.

Facials for radiance


Skin looking dull or lackluster? Bring your glow back with this superfood hydrating facial packed with skin-loving nutrients and collagen stimulation.

Facials for gentelmen


Guys deserve to be pampered too! This facial is similar to our Signature facial with a little added love and conditioning to the beard area.

Our signature facial


Get some much needed R & R with our Signature facial, using cosmeceutical grade ingredients tailored to your needs for that “perfectly clean” feeling.

Facial vamp microneedlng

Vamp Facial

Go above and beyond with our Vamp facial. This treatment includes a micro-needling session coupled with a serum made from your own blood’s growth factors to intensely invigorate the skin!

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