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PRP/PRF Treatments

Our blood contains red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, platelets, and many other components. A platelet is a tiny cell fragment rich in growth factors that aid the wound healing process, as well as stimulate stem cells to produce collagen and elastin in the skin. The procedure allows professionals to separate the components using a centrifuge that spins the tubes of blood. Thus, the platelet-rich plasma can be easily separated from the rest of the blood cells and components and injected into our face for facial rejuvenation or used to accelerate healing, tissue regeneration, and stimulate the production of collagen. Unlike fillers and Botox injections, the PRP procedure is one hundred percent natural.

PRP and PRF follow the same principle and have the same goal but they are different. The platelet-rich fibrin treatment has been proven to be superior and more efficient than PRP due to its capacity to release the growth factors over time, encouraging longer-term benefits than the platelet-rich plasma procedure. While PRP is a facial treatment that targets the superficial layers of skin even when performed throughmicroneedling procedures, PRF or the vampire facial is injected into the deeper layers of skin for long-lasting results.

O Shot

P Shot

Vamp Facial

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